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Collaborative Writing and/or Creative Production Workshop

The Center provides financial support for faculty to convene colleague(s) to come to Drake’s campus in order to engage in a writing project and/or creative activity in the humanities that will result in a collaborative publication or some other kind of public installment. The grant is designed to support portions of the participants’ travel, housing and per diem costs (per diems will be reimbursed only for actual costs or at a rate no greater than the university maximum allowable per diem rate, whichever is less).

The maximum grant is $5,000.


Spring 2021: The Board will meet on the first Friday of each month in spring 2021. Please submit funding requests one week in advance of any given meeting, to ensure consideration. Spring deadlines fall on Jan. 29, Feb. 26, March 26, and Apr. 30. In general, requests for retroactive funding will not be considered, but faculty may inquire with the Director if extenuating circumstances arise.   


  • A strong preference is given to projects in which sending institutions also offer financial support and/or to grant projects that seek outside collaborative funding.
  • Honorarium for participants are not allowed as part of this grant.
  • Only projects in which the in-person presence of collaborator(s) is necessary and in which the product is a collaboratively authored or creative work are eligible for funding. Applications must clearly demonstrate the need for on-site collaborative work.
  • A detailed and specific budget is required for the application to be considered, along with a list of all outside funding being sought or provided.
  • The intention of this grant is to support mid- to late-stage projects, in regard to which substantive work is already completed.
  • Clear demonstration of the published or public outcome of the project is required in the application and application must demonstrate the humanistic inquiry dimensions of this grant.

The grant proposal must include:

  • a detailed program or schedule in regard to the time spent during the workshop;
  • a process/timeline indicating plans for post-workshop publication/production;
  • a c.v. for each participant that includes a clear statement articulating the role or portion of
  • the project for which each participant is responsible.
  • As with all other grants, the Center’s support must be acknowledged in published work and/or installment and, when possible, in announcements, presentations, and publicity materials connected to it.
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