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Materials and Services Support

The Center for the Humanities provides support to offset the cost of materials and services directly related to faculty members’ research or creative activity in the humanities.

Such materials and services include, but are not limited to purchase or rental of photographs or photographic slides; the purchase or rental of microfilm, the rental of a microfilm reader; access to relevant proprietary electronic databases, web archives, or internet directories for a specified period of time; reproductions of rare documents, artifacts or monographs owned by museums or libraries; manuscript-indexing services; research assistance; and reproduction permissions. 


  • August 31 (fiscal year 19 proposals to be used before July 1 2019)
  • November 16 (fiscal year 19 proposals only to be used before July 1 2019)
  • March 8 (if/for remaining funds in fiscal year 19 to be used before July 1 2019 and fiscal year 2020 to be used after July 1 2019)
  • April 19 (if/for remaining funds in fiscal year 19 and fiscal year 20)

Between May 1 and September 1, applicants may request up to $500 from the Director's discretionary budget. 


The following criteria will guide the Board in its deliberations:

  • The project for which support is being requested should engage significantly with humanistic topics, problems, or methods.
  • Material for which the support is being requested should not be already available and reasonably accessible at Drake.
  • Material and services for which support is requested should be necessary to the timely and successful completion of the project.
  • Material and services for which support is requested should not be primarily the responsibility of another unit to provide: for example, digital equipment purchases, library book acquisitions, journal subscriptions, and the like. 
  • The Center's support must be acknowledged in the published work and, when possible, in announcements, presentations, and publicity materials connected to it. Please see the acknowledgments page for examples of appropriate formulations of acknowledgment.

Additional Information

In addition to addressing the criteria above, proposals should include the applicant's current curriculum vitae and a detailed budget, including explicit statement of the amount of funding requested from the Center in the opening paragraph. The Board will not consider requests for "whatever support you can offer," or the like.

Those considering applying for this support are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of the Center. Preliminary inquiries may be emailed to

Complete proposals should be sent electronically, as attachments in standard document format to

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