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International Business Major

This interdisciplinary major requires a strong foundation in culture and language, history, and political science along with the business core classes.

As an international business major, you must demonstrate proficiency in a second language at the intermediate level (fourth semester, college level). This can be demonstrated by college credit, a placement exam, or being a native speaker of a language other than English.

International Business students must also complete at least six credits of international experience to complement in-class learning. This is typically accomplished through study abroad or global internships.

We encourage students to combine their general education requirements and electives to build expertise in a region of the world that interests them. There are official regional minors focused on Africa, East Asia, and Latin America available to students who want in-depth knowledge about those particular areas.

By combining language proficiency, cultural, historical, and political understanding, and personal overseas experience with the international business curriculum, you will be prepared for success in your chosen field after graduation.

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