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DUIBiz Young Scholars Research Program

The DUIBiz Young Scholars project is an ongoing collaborative research initiative between faculty students.  The program has the expressed goals of producing high quality research that can be presented at academic conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. The broad research question is “What is the appropriate relationship between business and society in different national contexts?” The focus of specific projects will depend upon the composition, interests, and abilities of the research team each year. Projects currently underway include 1) corruption in global sports, 2) Islamic business practices, 3) management under political uncertainty, 4) the appropriation of ethnicity in marketing, and 5) sustainability across cultures.

This endeavor requires a lot of work, but it has proven to be an incredibly rewarding experience that helps prepare participants for research careers and graduate school. Our hope is that students who join the program will continue their collaboration through graduation.  Applications are available in the Fall with an annual deadline of January 30th.  Please submit applications to Professor Kappen via email. 

Drake International Traders of Iowa Club

The Drake University Chapter of International Traders of Iowa (ITI) is an organization whose mission is to serve the businesses in Iowa in their pursuit of world trade. Through forums developed to exchange practical information, ITI works with Iowa businesses to promote exporting, importing and investment in global enterprises.  Check out our Drake ITI Twitter page!

For a program year that runs annually from September through May, ITI sets a schedule of events. Each month events such as dinner meetings, facility tours, and other forums sharing the "how to's" of international trade offer members the opportunity to network and to learn from the experiences of others.

As the adage counsels, nothing is certain but that there will be change. Generations of Iowans have lived and worked providing infrastructure for the global economy in which we today find ourselves navigating. Their preparation and legacy have provided the basis for Iowa's evolution into globalization. In pursuit of opportunity, growth, and competitive advantage, Iowa companies have found it necessary to go outside the borders of our state, and of our nation. In support of doing business around the globe, the International Traders of Iowa endeavor to serve Iowa businesses by making available resources that will assist in understanding and competing within the global marketplace of both today and of tomorrow.

Contributing locally, while acting globally is a good way to think of business in Iowa. From small to large, businesses across the state form a measurable power in international trade. Literally hundreds of Iowa businesses each day focus on trade in a marketplace that now spans the globe. Whether you consider the world flat, reduced in size, or some other metaphor, there is no mistaking today's globalization phenomenon. Across varied sectors, including categories like machinery and agricultural-related products, Iowans are participating in this phenomenon by investing in and influencing world trade. The International Traders of Iowa concentrates its efforts locally in service to businesses throughout the state so that Iowa may continue its positive presence around the world.

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