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A Semester Abroad in Chile

By Brooklyn Contreras

The decision to study abroad was something I knew I always wanted to do. After this past semester I know I made the right decision in choosing Chile. The idea of studying abroad was a little scary at first but over the last four months I have had some amazing experiences. Those experiences however, did not come without challenges. The decision to take all my classes in Spanish was just a part of the way I was challenged on a daily basis.  However, as a result of the past semester and my willingness to challenge myself my language abilities have increased dramatically. 

Studying abroad to me was so much more than getting to travel to breathtaking places and have new profile pictures to post, but rather an opportunity to learn more about other cultures as well as myself.  The past semester has taught me think outside of the box especially when it comes to problem solving. When trips didn’t go as planned or I missed a bus, it was up to me to find a solution.  I have learned to be more flexible when it comes to adapting to situations.  I believe I learned just as much in my time spent outside of the classroom as I did inside.  All of the experiences I have had since being here have changed the way I think of the world around me. As a result of the last semester I am more confident in my abilities while I better understand my weaknesses.

I feel studying abroad has made me better prepared for the changing world around me not only as a student but as a young adult.  Towards the end of my semester I was presented the opportunity for a possible internship with Principal Financial Group in the Chilean offices.  The chance to continue developing my Spanish skills while learning more about a successful multi-international company made me realize my hard work the last few semesters had paid off.  I can officially say I will be spending the next month as a marketing intern with PFG.  I am looking forward to challenging myself everyday working in a Spanish speaking office and learning about marketing practices abroad.

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