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Environmental and Sustainability Law Certificate

The Environmental and Sustainability Law Certificate offers specialization in the areas of environmental law and sustainability and the law.

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To obtain a certificate in Environmental and Sustainability Law, students must complete 20 credits of qualifying course work, including 9 credits of required courses, an upper-level writing course, and an experiential course in the subject.

Required courses

Minimum of 2 courses:
Administrative Law (3 credits)
Climate Law & Policy (3 credits)
Environmental Law (3 credits)
Sustainability & the Law (3 credits)

Writing Requirement

Must complete at least one of the following:
Environmental Regulation of Agriculture (3 credits)
International Environmental Law (summer course) (2 credits)
Independent research or law review or journal note in the subject matter may qualify upon approval of the director.

*Although the writing requirement for this certificate may be satisfied with a law review or journal note, law review and journal notes/articles do not satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement necessary for graduation.

Experiential Internship

Must complete at least one of the following:
Environmental Law Practice (2-3 credits)
Environmental/Sustainability Internship (2-3 credits) (upon approval of director)
Sustainability & the Law (3 credits)—if not used for required courses above
Experience with other government agency or public interest groups may substitute for this requirement with permission of the program director.


Agricultural Law (3 credits)
Environmental Regulation of Agriculture (3 credits)
Food and the Law (3 credits)
International Agricultural Development and the Law: Cuba (2 credits)
International Environmental Law (Summer course – 2 credits)
Land Use Control (2-3 credits)
State and Local Government (3 credits)

For more information, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

Program Director:

Jonathan Rosenbloom, Professor of Law
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