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Course Descriptions

ACCT 175: Auditing Principles - 3 Credit Hours

An introduction to auditing theory and practice. Emphasis is on financial, operational, compliance and fraud auditing within private and governmental organizations

ACCT 185: Individual Taxation - 3 Credit Hours

An introduction to tax theory, concepts and technical tax law focusing on individual taxpayers. Emphasis is on the determination of taxable income, deductions, credits, tax planning possibilities, and technological tax resources.

ACCT 186: Business Entity Taxation - 3 Credit Hours

An advanced study of taxation focusing on the treatment of partnerships, corporations, trusts, estates and gifts. The development of tax research skills is emphasized.

ACCT 255: Tax Research, Policy & Writing - 3 Credit Hours

A study of advanced taxation topics. Emphasis is on research and writing, consolidation, multijurisdictional, gifts, estates, trusts and planning.

ACCT 275:  Seminar in Auditing - 3 Credit Hours

A study of advanced auditing topics. Emphasis is on topics directly related to the practice of public accounting.

MBA 240:  Corporate Governance & Ethics - 3 Credit Hours

This course presents an in-depth examination of the issues related to corporate governance in an ethical society. General theories of governance and ethics provide a foundation for students to reflect on their personal and professional responsibilities within an organizational setting.

MBA 245:  Leading with Data - 3 Credit Hours

This course will focus on the role of data in today's fast-paced, competitive, data-rich, global business environment. Emphasis is on developing the habits of mind necessary for data-driven leadership. You will learn to seek data, to understand variation and the pitfalls of sampling, to question assumptions and to think critically about reports and data displays. You will be exposed to the terminology necessary to communicate with analysts. You will develop data-driven management skills such as formulating value-adding questions, directing the collection and selection of data, working with analysts, working with management dashboards, operationalizing the insights from data, and telling stories with data.

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