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Assessment at Drake is…

Mission-centered.  Drake is committed to creating an exceptional, learning-centered environment in which faculty and staff work in collaboration with students. We continuously reflect on the student learning produced by Drake students and take action to strengthen that learning. This inquiry starts by identifying specific learning outcomes that shape student learning across a Drake student’s curricular and co-curricular experience.

Student-focused. Students and their work provide the best evidence of learning at Drake. We use assessment information to reflect on how the structure of students’ learning experiences contributes to their achievement of intended learning outcomes. We approach evidence of student learning by focusing on what a student is able to produce. This approach engages faculty in the collection and analysis of data, and ensures that action to improve student learning begins and ends with the student in mind.

Faculty-driven. Faculty lead assessment, and the interpretation and analysis of assessment information relies on both faculty’s disciplinary expertise and first-hand experience in the classroom. We work hard to ensure that our assessment processes for both General Education and academic programs are streamlined and align naturally with departmental or programmatic processes.


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