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Course Assessment

Faculty assess their courses on a daily basis. You do it when after each course you teach, you ask yourself, “How did that go?” Drake OIRA offers you a few dedicated resources as well as support from our office and the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Classroom Assessment Resources

Classroom Assessment Techniques. OIRA holds an annual workshop for new faculty on some formative classroom assessment techniques that can help faculty gain useful feedback to make changes in their courses.

Designing Purposeful and Integrative Learning. This assignment design worksheet helps faculty design purposeful and integrative learning experiences that are connected to learning outcomes.

Group Instructional Feedback Technique Focus Groups. Drake offers faculty an opportunity to focus group their course(s) to either gather information on program-level learning outcomes, or as a course-level formative assessment of teaching and learning. You may reach out to the Center for Teaching Excellence for consultation.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the systematic inquiry into student learning. If you have ever asked yourself, “Why did that assignment work so well?” then you might have the basis for a SoTL project.

SoTL Worksheets General Every May, Drake runs SoTL workshops that help faculty identify and refine a research question, develop a research plan, and identify necessary resources.

SoTL Proposal 2020-21. Faculty may submit their project proposals for guidance throughout the year, as well as a small project stipend.

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