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Program Assessment

As goal-oriented academic programs, Drake academic programs identify the skills and abilities they expect students to possess when they graduate, and regularly review and reflect upon students’ ability to achieve these outcomes.

Understanding Program Assessment at Drake

What do you mean by assessment? How do I assess student learning? What exactly do you want me to do?

When we talk about assessment at Drake, we refer to intentional and critical reflection on student learning with a program lens. That means, (1) identification and a focus on program student learning outcomes, (2) analysis of what students can do well or struggle with, and (3) a plan to address gaps or leverage strengths in student learning.

You can review more information on these assessment criteria/principles here.

The program assessment process is owned by each individual college/school and the respective Associate Deans and Department Chairs or Program Lead. This process can be broken down into two components: (1) Plan and (2) Execution.

The following guide will help you navigate the program assessment process.

Learning From Your Colleagues

What have my peers at Drake set as their learning outcomes? What strategies have worked for my colleagues across campus? How are the other academic programs at Drake regularly reflecting on student learning?

You can learn a lot about assessment by reviewing the work of your peers. Academic degree programs identify the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities that students should have when they complete their program. You can review Drake’s student learning outcomes here.

Programs submit annual review and reflection on student learning to their Dean/Associate Dean. You can review those reports below.

17-18 Program Assessment Reports

18-19 Program Assessment Reports (pending)

Submitting Assessment Reports

Where does this all live? Can I review other programs’ reports?

All Drake faculty and staff have access to review and submit assessment information for their program. This occurs on a cycle decided by your college/school.

To access the Sharepoint portal, please click here and sign-in using your Drake credentials.

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