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AOI Assessment Cycle & Process

DCAC works towards a cycle of assessing the 10 AOIs within a student’s typical 4-year educational experience. AOI Faculty are heavily involved in the general education process by helping to develop and review the AOI rubrics, by rating and reviewing samples of student work, and by participating in an in-depth discussion of student learning within the AOI.

Assessment Cycle

DCAC is working toward implementation of 5-year cycle to assess general education outcomes. The 2020-2021 academic year will represent the first full year of this 5-year cycle.  

DCAC Assessment Cycle
rev. 02.05.2020


  • Fall - Historical Foundations
  • Spring - Critical Thinking


  • Fall - Global & Cultural Understanding
  • Spring - Information Lliteracy


  • Fall- Quantitative Literacy
  • Spring- Written Communications


  • Fall- Scientific Literacy
  • Spring- Artistic Experience


  • Fall- Engaged Citizen
  • Spring- Values & Ethics

Assessment Process




  • AOI faculty review the AOI rubric to determine if the rubric aligns with their shared understanding of the AOI


  • AOI faculty submit assessment key assignments where students demonstrate achievement of the AOI outcomes.
  • OIRA identifies institutional measures (NSSE, FLA-DSS longitudinal study, others) that indirectly assess student self-perceptions of learning.


  • AOI faculty evaluate samples of student work against the AOI rubrics. OIRA will then summarize these results.
  • DCAC convenes a meeting of AOI faculty to analyze what students do well and where they need improvement.


  • DCAC produce final recommendations that focus on teaching and learning.
  • DCAC presents results and recommendations to constituents including Faculty Senate, Student Senate, All Staff Council, and the Provost.
  • Based upon DCAC recommendations, UCC will review the AOI language and make appropriate changes. After this revision process, UCC will ask all AOI faculty to resubmit their course for this AOI.
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