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AOI Assessment Reports

DCAC produces regular reports on student learning in each AOI as a result of the quantitative and qualitative feedback and analysis of faculty, staff, and students. 

Artistic Experience

DCAC assessed the Artistic Experience AOI during the Fall 2018 semester. Faculty largely found that students are able to apply and engage with art or art forms in ways that demonstrate an understanding of art; however, students are less able to go deeper in their identification of characteristics of the medium, analysis of the medium, or its role in culture or human expression.

Critical Thinking

DCAC assessed the Critical Thinking AOI during the 2012-13 academic year. The committee examined students’ achievement of critical thinking outcomes in both the First-Year Seminar and Senior Capstone. Faculty found that across both First-Year Seminar and Senior Capstone, students have weaker skills in their ability to identify assumptions and alternatives.

Global & Cultural Understanding

DCAC assessed the Global & Cultural Understanding AOI during the 2016-17 academic year and the Fall 2017 semester. Faculty noted that student work demonstrated a lack of complexity around cultural issues and intercultural difference. This demonstrated lack of complexity has been noted in work across previous AOIs.

Information Literacy

DCAC assessed the Information Literacy AOI during the Fall 2013 semester. A common theme throughout the data shows that Drake students have weaker skills in the areas of high-level analysis and information synthesis (examples being: analyzing an argument for its flaws, or marshaling evidence to make a case).

Quantitative Literacy

DCAC assessed the Quantitative Literacy AOI during the Spring 2018 semester. Faculty noted that students either understood the basics (i.e., calculations), or did not, and found that students could often get the right answer, but could not explain why or were unclear or vague when explaining why (lack of complexity).

Scientific Literacy

DCAC assessed the Scientific Literacy AOI during the Spring 2019 semester. Faculty largely found that students are able to understand (method, theories) and apply (reasoning, relationship, relevance) a body of scientific knowledge; however, on their own students are less able to go deeper beyond what faculty explicitly ask of them or make connections amongst disparate material.

Written Communications

DCAC assessed the Written Communication AOI during the Summer 2015 semester. Faculty found a great deal of variability in now students performed relative to the assessment criteria, but identified consistent areas that need improvement for (1) organizing and developing ideas, (2) use of quotations, and (3) reflectiveness.


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