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Occupational Therapy Spotlight

Meet Mary-Grace Hupfeld. Mary-Grace is a third-year student in Drake's Occupational Therpay Doctorate (OTD) program and will graduate in 2022! In her last year of the OTD program, Bri had the opportunity to complete a doctoral capstone experience with Dr. Nicole Kuhl at Drake University.

Name: Mary-Grace Hupfeld
Hometown: Carlisle, Iowa
Degree Program: OTD, May 2022
Capstone Organization: Drake University Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Tell us about your capstone experience in Drake University's Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program. What were your responsibilities and what did a typical day/week look like?

I am completing my capstone at Drake University with Dr. Kuhl. For my capstone, I have been focusing on academia within the occupational therapy program with an emphasis on retention of information. I created a protocol to utilize for simulation-based learning as well as a video course to utilize in future classes. 

What is your favorite thing about this Doctoral Capstone?

Having the opportunity to Interact with various cohorts and research with Dr. Kuhl. 

What attracted you to Drake's OTD program?

 I was attracted to Drake's program because of its emphasis on research.     

Have your career goals changed at all since starting Drake's OTD program? How so?

My career goals have stayed the same but have also expanded in various areas in which I could see myself working one day.   

How has Drake prepared you for your future career as an occupational therapy professional?

Drake provided many opportunities to collaborate with various professionals and to learn and work with professors through research projects and my capstone experience.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to future occupational therapy students?

Put in what you want to get out of your experience, Drake has so much to offer and provide to you if you make connections and utilize all your resources throughout your time at Drake.

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