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Experiential Education

Welcome! The Office of Experiential Education creates and coordinates the pharmacy practice experiences that are an integral part of pharmacy education in the Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. This is an important and valuable part of professional preparation and every effort is made to ensure preparedness and success along the way for both student and preceptor.

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Experiential Education Overview

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE)

Drake student pharmacists participate in at least 300 experiential hours during their first three professional years, which are designed to introduce students to the technical and professional expertise required to be effective in each environment and to prepare students for their final year of experiences and practice beyond graduation.

For students entering prior to Fall 2017:

  Experience Location/Environment Hours
P1 Geriatric Service-Learning Long-term care or well-elderly facility 20
Pharmacy Distribution Community or hospital pharmacy 40
  Total P1 Hours 60
P2 Sterile Training Hospital or home infusion pharmacy 8
Health Disparities Service-Learning Health care settings with at-risk populations 40-42
Patient Care Various practice environments 40-42
    Total P2 Hours 90
P3 Community/Ambulatory Care Community pharmacy or other ambulatory care environment 40
Institutional Hospital or inpatient environment 40
Drug Therapy Problem Solving Various practice environments 40
    Total P3 Hours 120
P1-P3   Two professional meetings per semester (3 hours per semester)   18
Guided discussion and reflection on experiences   12

 For students entering Fall 2017 or later:

  Summer Before Fall J-term Spring
P1   Community Practice I or Geriatric-Service Learning (40/20 hours)   Community Practice I or Geriatric-Service Learning (40/20 hours)
Professional Hours (10 hours: 10 hours co-curriculum)
P2 Hospital/Institutional I (40 hours)      
Healthcare Disparities Service-Learning (40 hours)
Professional Hours (20 hours: 10 hours co-curriculum, 10 hours IPPE outreach)
P3    Community Practice II (80 hours)      
Interprofessional Education (20 hours)
Hospital/Institutional II (40 hours)
Professional Hours (20 hours: 10 hours co-curriculum, 10 hours IPPE outreach)

 For a detailed description of each unique IPPE course, select from the following: P1, P2, or P3.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE)

The entire final year of the professional program (P4) is spent involved in APPEs: four required experiences (hospital practice, community practice, ambulatory care, acute care) and four elective experiences (specialty or non-patient care), all five weeks in duration.

  Experience Type Comments Hours
P4 Acute Care Core   200
Ambulatory Care Core   200
Hospital Practice Core   200
Community Practice Core   200
Specialty Care Elective Students complete up to four 600-800
Non-Patient Care Elective Students may complete 1 0-200
      TOTAL APPE Hours 1600


For a detailed description of each unique APPE course, click here.