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Early Decision Admission

Drake University will once again participate in the Early Decision admission process through PharmCAS for the Fall 2021 admission cycle!  If Drake is your top choice, we strongly encourage you to apply as an Early Decision applicant by September 8, 2020

Students who are currently enrolled in pre-pharmacy at Drake are not eligible for Early Decision admission and should refer to the  requirements for more information about the admission process for pre-pharmacy students.


What is Early Decision Admission?

Early Decision is a binding option for applicants that have designated a particular pharmacy program as their first choice and will enroll in that program if offered admission.  If you are admitted to Drake as an Early Decision applicant, you are obligated to accept the offer and will not be permitted to apply to other pharmacy programs.  Early Decision is an excellent option if you know that Drake is your first choice for pharmacy school! 

Application Deadline

September 8, 2020

PharmCAS application - submit only by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (10:59 pm Central Standard Time)

Benefits of Early Decision Admission

If Drake is definitely your first choice for pharmacy school, applying for Early Decision admission has many benefits!  Applying for Early Decision admission allows you to

  • Recieve an admission decision early in the admission cycle
  • Reduce stress as you apply to your top choice pharmacy school first
  • Gain a sense of security by knowing where you will attend if you are admitted
  • If admitted, have plenty of time prior to beginning the program to connect with future classmates, send official transcripts, secure living accommodations, and complete other tasks to prepare for your P1 year
  • Reassess your options and apply elsewhere if not admitted


To learn more about the Early Decision admission process through PharmCAS, please visit the PharmCAS Early Decision website.  Please send questions about Drake's Early Decision admission process and timeline to


We hope you will consider Drake University your top choice for pharmacy school and apply for Early Decision admission!