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Pharmacy Spotlight

Meet Drake Reiter, a P4 student in Drake's Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.  In his last year at Drake, Drake completed a pharmacy rotation at Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) in Alexandria, VA. 

Name:    Drake Reiter
Hometown:    Keokuk, IA
Degree Program:    Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), May 2020
Rotation Site:    Pharmacy Quality Alliance
Location:    Alexandria, VA
Type of Experience:    Association management and quality measure development
Tell us about your rotation site at Pharmacy Quality Alliance. What was your primary role?

My rotation with Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) was in both association management and quality measure development. I contributed to PQA's work by aiding in the development and updating of quality measures for medication use, and by working with the stakeholder engagement and communications teams to facilitate the management of over 250 member organizations.

How did Drake prepare you for your experience at PQA?

Drake prepared me for my role by not only providing me with a solid foundation of clinical skills, but also by teaching me to foster a collaborative work environment and to embrace new opportunities that come my way. The environment at Drake is one that is full of encouragement, which prepared me well for this rotation.

What was your biggest lesson from this rotation experience?

The biggest lesson that I learned from this experience is that a pharmacy degree can open so many doors for new opportunities - even beyond what we think traditionally exists.

What is your favorite memory from your time at PQA?

My favorite memory from this experience was attending a national conference on affordable healthcare that was hosted by the Council for Affordable Health Coverage. The setting for this conference was an intimate venue where I was in close contact with many key thought leaders on health care affordability in the US.

Share a few things you’ve liked the most about your time at Drake and in the pharmacy program.

Without hesitation, the thing that I have enjoyed most about my time as a Drake Pharmacy student is the relationships I've built. I have made many lifelong friends and have found many mentors whom I will be in contact with for the rest of my life. In addition, I have enjoyed all of the opportunities available to me for involvement. Whether it has been through pharmacy organizations, research, or an internship at the Iowa Capitol, I was always encouraged to make the most out of my time at Drake.

What are some of your accomplishments at Drake and in the pharmacy program?

During my time as a Drake Pharmacy student, some of my accomplishments include: winning the Next-Generation Future Pharmacist of the Year Award, being a nominee for the Karbeling Memorial Leadership & Lon Larson Engaged Practitioner Awards, co-hosting a university-wide symposium to reduce the stigma surrounding alcohol use disorder, and serving as our chapter's president for American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists.

What is one piece of advice you have for future Drake pharmacy students?

If there is one piece of advice that I have for future Drake Pharmacy students, it is to always keep an open mind and be willing to try things that may be new, different, or uncomfortable. When I started at Drake, I had no idea my path would take me to where I am now. If I hadn't maintained this mindset, things would be very different. There were times that it was difficult or uncomfortable to try new things, but I am very thankful now that I took those chances.

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