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Amisha Tayal

Meet Amisha Tayal, a rising third-year student pharmacist in the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program who will graduate in 2025. Amisha recently completed a Regulatory Advertising and Promotion Summer Internship with Seagen, Inc. (formerly Seattle Genetics, Inc.) in Seattle, Washington. Seagen is a global multi-product biotechnology company that develops and commercializes innovative therapies for treating cancer.

Name: Amisha Tayal
Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
Degree Program: PharmD/MBA, 2025
Concentration(s): Global & Comparative Public Health
Internship: Regulatory Advertising and Promotion
Internship Site: Seagen, Inc. (formerly Seattle Genetics, Inc.)


The Regulatory Advertising and Promotion (RAP) Intern at Seagen supports a RAP Brand Lead Reviewer in executing the business needs for a Seagen product and maintaining regulatory compliance for promotional materials related to the brand. The intern supports the RAP Brand Lead Reviewer on cross-functional teams, assists in the preparation and submission of promotional materials to the US FDA, participates in promotional review committee meetings, and completes research to support regulatory decision-making. The intern develops an understanding of the structure of and roles within a biotechnology company and of the promotional material review and approval process.

Tell us about your internship. What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day at my internship consisted of attending team meetings, working on my internship projects, and having 1:1 meetings. A pivotal part of my internship was setting up 1:1 meetings with people in different functional areas every week. This allowed me to get a well-rounded view of various departments within the company, illuminating the distinct roles that collectively contribute to the company’s success. Additionally, Seagen would set up events for all of the interns to interact with each other and learn more about different professions and functions across the company.

How has your experience at Drake and in the PharmD program helped prepare you for this internship?

One thing that has been monumental for me as a student is connecting with Drake’s alumni network. I asked faculty, staff, professors, and preceptors to get me in contact with Drake Alumni who currently held positions I was interested in as a career. The profound depth of insight, guidance, and dedication exhibited by the alumni in dedicating their time to mentor and guide aspiring students such as myself has proven to be an immeasurable asset in my pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

The professors and faculty at Drake genuinely care about their students' growth and success. I instantly connected with the professors when I came to Drake, and they have made a huge impact on my career. The professors/faculty/staff also each have their own experience with various areas of the profession of pharmacy and are always willing to give their insight on the profession. Their collective wisdom and guidance have played an instrumental role in shaping my current path. I do not think that I would be where I am today without the help of our professors who drove me to pursue new opportunities. 

What have you enjoyed most about the internship?

A particular highlight of my internship was a designated week when the entire department was on-site for a series of engaging team-building activities. This experience proved immensely rewarding as it provided a platform for establishing numerous valuable connections. Through these events, I had the opportunity to delve into conversations and learn more about the distinctive career journeys of various individuals. This exposure significantly expanded my appreciation for the wide array of professional paths that people embark upon.

Additionally, one of my main projects involved me looking at the financial impacts on pharmaceutical companies after certain events occurred. This task drew upon my combined knowledge from both my pharmacy education and MBA coursework. A fascinating dimension was my distinct perspective as one of the few team members with a business-oriented background. This allowed me to approach the project with a dual lens - blending both a business and pharmacy viewpoint. As a result, I could provide more comprehensive analytical insights that contributed to well-rounded conclusions.

What has been your biggest lesson from the internship?

My internship experience taught me the immense value of seizing opportunities. Taking that initial step to connect with unfamiliar colleagues within the company proved to be transformative. Through these interactions, I learned about diverse career paths and the significance of holding a PharmD. The guidance and mentorship I received during the internship ignited a passion within me to continuously pursue fresh avenues.


Why did you decide to study pharmacy at Drake and pursue a pharmacy career?

Drake’s pharmacy program offers many opportunities to differentiate yourself in your future career, both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. I came to Drake because of all of the dual-degree options that they offer and how easy they make it to complete both degrees – many schools do not do this! I pursued a career in pharmacy because pharmacists play a pivotal role in patients’ lives both directly and indirectly. This profession offers the flexibility to determine your preferred level of patient interaction while still making a big impact.

What is one piece of advice you have for individuals considering Drake's PharmD program?

Say yes to different opportunities! Putting yourself in new situations allows you to grow as a student pharmacist and you might end up liking something that you had never considered before!  

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