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Our Alumni

Elizabeth Schieber

Lisa Jaffe

Luke Kelberer

Elizabeth Schieber

B.S. in Psychology and Health Science, Concentration in Behavior Analysis of Developmental Disabilities, Spring 2015

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I stumbled unknowingly into Drake’s Psychology Department, and I never looked back. I began working on a research grant and continued my work for almost three years. The grant allowed me to travel to several professional conferences with my peers and present our findings to major players in the field of Behavior Analysis. My research mentor and other members of the department’s faculty provided me multiple, practical opportunities to learn and work in professional environments. These experiences in combination with the excellent education I received made me a better student and a competitive applicant for graduate programs. The research, education, and networking experiences culminated in my acceptance to the University of Florida where I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Drake set me up for success. By taking advantage of all the Psychology Department offered, I was able to achieve my goals. The faculty provide so many resources to students through research and internship options in Des Moines. The Drake Psychology Department provides an exceptional learning environment with ample opportunities for its students to become successful, young professionals in their chosen fields.

Lisa M. Jaffe

B.S. in psychology, B.A. in English, Fall 2012

I graduated from Drake's Psychology department in December of 2012. While there, I was a member of Psi Chi and enjoyed taking a wide variety of psychology courses that the department has to offer. I double majored in English as well, occasionally writing for the Times-Delphic, too. Drake gave me so many opportunities and I was able to attain internships in both of my majors. I also met some amazing peers and professors in the Psychology Department who helped me focus my interests both professionally and personally.

Since graduating, I worked at an emergency youth shelter, volunteered as a court appointed special advocate, and am now halfway done with my master's in clinical social work from Smith College's School for Social Work in Massachusetts. I am co-president of the student body in my master's program through student government and an active member of the disability awareness group and gender and sexuality alliance. Drake prepared me extraordinarily well for graduate school in clinical social work and gave me the strong critical thinking and writing background for my program. I have excelled in my master's program because of the foundations that Drake University taught me.

I really appreciate the size of Drake University and the opportunities to grow and develop within the university and the Psychology department. I learned so much and had a blast there as an undergraduate. Thank you!

Luke Kelberer

B.S. in psychology, minor in neuroscience, Spring 2014

What really stands out to me about my time in the Psychology Department at Drake was how incredibly helpful and caring the faculty was. I know for a fact that without the guidance and support the faculty provided I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal of getting into a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology. My passion for psychology was kindled by my professors in every course I took; all of my professors imparted important and impactful lessons that I still draw from now. Many faculty members gave me incredible guidance ranging from how to choose the best graduate program for me, to how to refine my research interests to subject matter that I was truly passionate about. My advisor ensured that I take courses that sparked my interests in the field, while simultaneously providing me with a broad and pertinent knowledge base.

The research opportunities that are available for undergraduates in the Psychology Department are incredible as every faculty member conducts research that covers a wide array of topics, and the research experience they provide is extensive and immensely beneficial. I feel extremely lucky and thankful that I was able to pursue my undergraduate degree in the Psychology Department at Drake, because without the relationships I developed or the experience I received I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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