Psychology & Neuroscience

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Majors, Minors & Concentrations

Our Psychology program offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree. While the coursework requirements within psychology are the same for both degree programs, the Bachelor of Science requires you to complete an additional 12 hours of natural science coursework outside of psychology. If you plan on a scientific career, the B.S. degree is recommended. We also offer a minor in Psychology.

Our Neuroscience program offers a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a minor in Neuroscience. As part of the B.S degree, in addition to neuroscience classes you will enroll in year-long course sequences of general chemistry, biology, and organic chemistry. Be sure to work closely with your academic advisor to ensure proper sequencing of the program requirements.

Multiple interdisciplinary concentrations with distinct areas of focus provide opportunities for you to expand your education relative to your career interests. Interdisciplinary concentrations include Human Resource Management, Behavioral Analysis of Developmental Disabilities, and Animal Behavior. 

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