Psychology & Neuroscience

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Dr. Olga Lazareva

Associate Professor of Psychology
Office Location: 324 Olin Hall

Dr. Lazareva grew up in Russia and earned both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Russia (B.A., M.S., University of Kazan, Russia. Ph.D., Moscow State University and Institute of Higher Nervous Activity, Moscow, Russia). Current research interests focus on behavioral and neurobiological aspects of early visual processes (e.g., figure-ground segregation and perceptual grouping) in humans and non-human animals, relational learning, and mathematical modeling of perceptual and cognitive processes.

She teaches courses in introductory psychology, principles of behavior, research methods, writing in psychology, animal behavior, field methods in animal behavior, and comparative psychology. Her current projects list can be found at She is always looking for dedicated students interested in research in comparative psychology, neuroscience, or mathematical psychology.

Dr. Lazareva is currently serving as president of Comparative Cognition Society. Founded in 1999, Comparative Cognition Society represents scientists studying perception, learning, memory, or any other cognitive or representational process in non-human animals. She also serves as editor-in-chief for Behavioural Processes, an international journal dedicated to research on animal behavior and cognition.

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