Psychology & Neuroscience

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When you study Neuroscience at Drake you will be exposed to an interdisciplinary environment through coursework in physical and life sciences, close interaction with faculty and the opportunity to participate in research projects.

The Neuroscience program is designed to represent the strong psychological and biological foundations of this growing interdisciplinary field. Through this program, undergraduates preparing for careers in neuroscience or related fields are offered a strong scientific foundation in the natural sciences. The neuroscience major is excellent preparation if you are considering advanced work in medicine, behavioral neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, or clinical neuropsychology.

Our program emphasizes basic life sciences, chemistry, statistics and research methods, and the study of advanced neurobiological systems. Topics include neuropharmacology, sensory physiology, neuroendocrinology, neurochemistry, and genetics.

Current Catalog Requirements for a B.S. degree

Neuroscience Major Rquirements

Current Catalog Requirements for minor

Neuroscience Minor Checklist - Fall 2023

Prior Catalog Requirements for both the Major and Minor

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