BS: Secondary Education

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Specialization Options

Several options exist for increasing your knowledge within the field of education or expanding your skill set through interdisciplinary studies.  


  • Educational Studies. This minor is for non-licensure track education majors or majors outside the School of Education who are interested in a foundational introduction into the field of education. Visit the Educational Studies Minor website for more information.    
  • International Teaching. This minor provides recognition of the learning experiences and skill development of students who enrich their teacher education with international experiences and contexts. This minor is for undergraduate licensure-track teacher education students. Visit the International Teaching Minor website for more information.    
  • Leadership Education and Development (LEAD). An interdisciplinary minor in leadership education and development (LEAD) is open to students pursuing any academic major. Any student interested in making a significant contribution to their current and future communities by exemplifying ethical leadership through social change should visit the Leadership Education and Development website for more information.
  • Three and Teach. With Drake’s new Three and Teach model, our undergraduate education students have the opportunity to complete their education and endorsement requirements in their first 3 years at Drake and spend their fourth year in the classroom working as a certified, paid teacher. For more information, reach out to Associate Dean Gillespie at


  • Behavioral Analysis of Developmental Disabilities. The School of Education supports an interdisciplinary concentration in Behavioral Analysis of Developmental Disabilities
  • Urban Education. This concentration seeks to create cultural responsiveness. Visit the Social Justice in Urban Education (SJUE) website for details.
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