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Internships and Independent Study

Students in the Department for the Study of Culture and Society have found fulfilling internship experiences in nonprofit organizations, political parties, advocacy groups, and corporate settings.

Students taking an internship for credit will complete a series of assignments including a journal, an ethics paper, and an annotated bibliography, combining work experience and critical reflection. Many students complete multiple internships during their time at Drake University, and some have transformed these internships into paid employment during or after graduation.

Des Moines area job listings in social change and social justice work

List of current Des Moines internships and contacts

Further opportunities can be found in Handshake and through Drake Professional & Career Development Services.

Apply for an Internship

Independent Study

Directed independent study and/or research in a problem area selected by the student and not otherwise provided for in a regularly scheduled course.

  1. Students who wish to enroll in SCSS/SCSA/SCSR 197: Independent Study, must meet the following criteria:
    1. Have completed 9 semester hours of program courses
    2. Have an overall G.P.A. of 3.0+
  2. Before enrolling in an independent study course, students must:
    1. Secure the consent of the department faculty member who will supervise the independent study
    2. In collaboration with your supervising professor, develop a proposal that includes the following:
      1. an explanation of the theme or focus of the independent study, including major questions to be pursued
      2. the proposed list of readings
      3. a schedule of topics and assignments
  3. Submit the Independent Study Application form (via the supervising faculty member) to the department curriculum committee requesting permission for the independent study. If approved, the chair of the curriculum committee will forward the application to the department for approval.
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