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Key Distribution

The Student Services Center is the location on campus where physical keys can be picked up and dropped off.  

Keys must be requested by a department or building key approver.  Once keys are ready to be picked up, keyholders will receive an email notification to alert them that they can be picked up.  Keys must be picked up by the keyholders, and a photo ID must be presented.

Keys may also be returned to the Student Services Center or a key drop box (located in Olmsted and Public Safety) when they are no longer needed.  All keys are the responsibility of the keyholders, and any unreturned keys will be subject to replacement fees, charged to a keyholder's account or final paycheck.

Fines for lost keys/lock changes can be paid at the Student Services Center.

Key Fines/Charges:

  1. Grandmaster: $250.00
  2. Building Master: $150.00
  3. Sub-master: $100.00
  4. Exterior: $100.00
  5. Utility: $50.00 – Res Life/Real Estate Properties
  6. High Security: $25.00 - Indicated by an XX (Example: XX75)
  7. Standard Door: $25.00
  8. Real Estate Mailbox: $10.00

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