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Student Leadership Opportunities

Develop skills to set you apart from your peers, address societal issues, and create global impact.

Leadership is a lot like driving a car. If you get behind the wheel without any training or practice beforehand, your first driving experience will be stressful, confusing, and potentially dangerous.

We see leadership the same way. Without essential leadership training, your first experience leading others on campus or in your community will be less effective and less enjoyable for everyone involved. That’s why Drake provides you with training to help you make the most of your leadership experiences. With our help, you will be prepared to make a positive impact on the communities, causes, and issues you care about.

Explore Your Leadership Potential

Select one of the areas below to learn more about the people, activities, and key partners at Drake that will help you learn, practice, and develop your leadership skills. Each of the listed areas are associated with 1 or more True Blue Skill. True Blue Skills are a combination of social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, and attitudes that enable our graduates to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals.

Student Experience Spotlight

“The Adams Leadership Institute has helped me articulate what moments have been most impactful in developing me into the leader and individual I am today. I felt prepared and confident going into interviews post-graduation and could explain the importance of my leadership experiences, the skills I have learned, and how Drake played a role in molding me into the leader I am today.”

Hannah Albrecht, Class of 2019
B.S. in Law, Politics & Society