Pre-Med, Dentistry, and Veterinary Majors

Pre-Med, Dentistry, and Veterinary Majors

Drake offers majors for pre-med, pre-dentistry, and pre-vet students that will prepare you for graduate school and a career in medicine.

The medical field offers a wide array of career opportunities—that’s why you need a university that transforms your interests into an individualized path to success. Drake University offers many pre-med programs that will give you exceptional preparation for post-graduate study and a rewarding career in medicine.

Multiple paths to success

Drake offers several pathways to post-graduate medical, dental, veterinary, and professional health care study. Regardless of your area of study, you’ll benefit from small class sizes; dynamic collaborative learning spaces; individualized attention from faculty; undergraduate research opportunities (don’t wait for an opening after all the grad students get the plum positions); access to internships; and a wealth of applied, hands-on learning opportunities.

Popular majors for students who are on a pre-med, pre-dentistry, or pre-vet track at Drake include:

  • Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (BCMB): An interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the chemistry of living organisms and the experimental techniques that are used to probe the structures and functions of biologically important molecules.
  • Biology: A program that emphasizes application, hands-on learning, and undergraduate research across a range of courses in traditional and modern areas of biology.
  • Chemistry: A research-focused program that emphasizes critical thinking and practical expertise and covers areas of chemistry including organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry.
  • Environmental Science: An interdisciplinary program that emphasizes field research and foundational work in the sciences in an effort to understand the dynamic features of natural systems.
  • Health Sciences: An interdisciplinary degree program developed in direct consultation with health care professionals. Students take courses across a variety of subject areas, providing a robust scientific background, as well as the interpersonal skills they will need for successful practice in the health care industry.
  • Kinesiology: A program that emphasizes human anatomy and physiology within an exercise science context. Classroom, laboratory, and individual research opportunities emphasize practical skills- and problem-based learning.
  • Neuroscience: A program that explores the psychological and biological foundations of the nervous system through interdisciplinary coursework in neuroscience, biology, chemistry, statistics, and psychology.
  • Psychology: A program that emphasizes the scientific study of human behavior through a range of theoretical, experimental, and applied experiences.

Post-graduate success

Our pre-med students are admitted to some of the best medical schools and graduate schools around the Midwest and country.


For more information about career opportunities, areas of study, and applying to Drake, call 1-800-4-DRAKE (37253), x3181. Looking for your admission counselor? Visit the Admission office to find a counselor or schedule a campus visit.

For all other questions about Pre-Med at Drake University, please reach out to one of the contacts below.

Maria Bohorquez, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Cassity Gutierrez, Ph.D.
Director of Pre-Professional Programs