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Disability Spotlight

Image of Michelle Laughlin, Drake University's Director of Access and Success

The semester is coming to an end. You can be proud of the work that you’ve done and the progress you’ve made.

This can also be one of the most stressful times of the semester. Turning in all outstanding assignments, preparing for finals, the stress of going home, it can all be too much for students, especially students with disabilities. So, what can you do?

5 Tips for Surviving Finals

  1. Create a study schedule. Make sure you check your final schedule; it could be different than your regular class time.
  2. Study in smaller chucks instead of marathon sessions. Give yourself plenty of breaks. Remember that cramming doesn’t work.
  3. Find a group to study with. Create sample tests and quiz each other. Studies suggest that studying as if you are going to teach it to someone is more effective than just learning it for a test. Learn it and then teach it to someone else.
  4. Use your resources. Go to professor’s office hours. Schedule tutoring.
  5. Take time for yourself. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise. Breathe. Remember you are more than just a grade.

Remember that Access & Success is a resource. If you are needing help finishing out the semester successfully, we are here.

Have a great Winter Break!

Michelle Laughlin, is the director of Access & Success. The department provides academic coaching, tutoring, and student disability services. Equal access to education is achieved when barriers to learning are removed. Access & Success staff are here to help work with students—alongside faculty and staff—to ensure the success and inclusion of all students. 

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