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Disability Spotlight

Image of Michelle Laughlin, Drake University's Director of Access and Success

Welcome Back Bulldogs. I hope you came back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the spring semester. I wanted to share a few reminders and announcements from Access & Success.   

For students, if you haven’t requested your accommodations yet, be sure to do so. It is best to have them in place and not need them, then to not have them in place and need them. Remember that accommodations are not retroactive. 

We have some fun workshops coming up focused on time management, goal setting, and motivation. Contact for details or follow us on Instagram @DUAccessAndSuccess.

For faculty and staff, if you have questions on accommodations or how you can best help students, information is coming soon. Watch for details on open hour discussions and faculty development on different disabilities. 

Michelle Laughlin, is the director of Access & Success. The department provides academic coaching, tutoring, and student disability services. Equal access to education is achieved when barriers to learning are removed. Access & Success staff are here to help work with students—alongside faculty and staff—to ensure the success and inclusion of all students. 

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