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Madelyn Levitt Mentor Award Recipients

The following individuals have been recognized as recipients of the Madelyn Levitt Award for Mentoring. Names link to biographies of the recipients.

1994 Wanda E. Everage
Assistant to the Provost for Academic Enhancement
1995 Margie M. Davidson
Assistant to the Dean for Student Services, Arts and Sciences
1996 Robert D. Woodward
Professor, Journalism & Mass Communication
1997 Lon Larson
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Administration
1998 Nivedita K. Pandit
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutic
1999 Mary S. Edrington
Assistant Dean/Internship Coordinator, College of Business and Public Administration
2000 Julian P. Archer
Professor of History
2001 Alexander F. Kleiner, Jr.
Thomas Sheehan Professor of Math and Computer Science
2002 Darrel Bjornson
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Administration
2003 Carol Spaulding-Kruse
Associate Professor of English
2004 John Rozycki
Associate Professor of Finance
2005 Jean Berger
Associate Athletic Director
2006 Eleanor Zeff
Assistant Professor of Politics
2007 Lon Larson
Ellis and Nelle Levitt Professor of Pharmacy Administration
2008 Geoffrey Wall
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
2009 Jennifer Harvey
Assistant Professor of Religion
2010 Carol Spaulding-Kruse
Associate Professor of English
2011 Gholam Mirafzal
Professor of Chemistry
2012 Linda Krypel
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
2013 John Lytle
Professor of Journalism/ Ellis and Nelle Levitt Distinguished Professor
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