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Pre-Promotion Grants

Assistant Professors eligible for promotion to Associate Professor are invited to request funding to support the completion of scholarship or creative activity in the humanities in advance of their candidacy for promotion.

Applicants may apply for one of two kinds of support: Funding to supplement a pre-promotion one-semester sabbatical or funding offered in lieu of such a sabbatical. A faculty member may not take a sabbatical and also apply for the research support outlined immediately above.

While funding generally becomes available in the nominal fourth year for faculty who have applied in their third year, faculty hired with time credited toward promotion are encouraged to apply in their fourth year for support in the fifth year.

Deadline: The deadline for 2020-21 pre-promotion grants will be shortly after the start of the spring 2020 term. The exact date will be announced after the Board's first meeting this fall.

Supplemental Sabbatical Support

Faculty in their third year of service at Drake University and who have secured sabbatical approval for the following academic year may apply for up to $7,500 in support.

Faculty who have applied for, but not been awarded, the Provost’s Sabbatical Research Fellowship are eligible for $7,500.

Faculty who have been awarded the Sabbatical Research Fellowship are eligible for $5,000.

These funds may be used as summer stipendiary support, funding for the direct costs of conducting research, or a combination of both. Recipients are ineligible to apply for funding from the Sabbatical Support Program. Moreover, faculty electing to receive summer stipends may not teach during the summer preceding the sabbatical year.

Research Support in lieu of Sabbatical

Faculty who will not, for whatever reason, take sabbatical in their pre-promotion period, may request one of the following forms of support in their nominal third year at Assistant Professor rank, to be used during the fourth year.

  • $5,000 grant to be taken as research underwriting or as a summer stipend or a combination of both
  • A one-course reassignment and a $3,000 grant as either summer stipend or research underwriting
  • A two-course reassignment

Recipients electing to take over $3,000 as a summer stipend may not teach during that summer.


The following criteria will guide the board in its deliberations. The proposed project should:

  • promise completion within, or shortly after, the support period
  • significantly advance the applicant’s timely candidacy for promotion
  • engage with humanities-related topics and methods
  • be of high merit, promising publication or other discipline-appropriate public-making subject to peer review

Additional Information

Completed applications should include a project narrative and a current curriculum vitae. Faculty who have applied for a Sabbatical Research Fellowship may use the materials submitted for that award to apply for this funding.

Faculty requesting funds to underwrite the direct costs of conducting research or creative activity should also submit a detailed budget, and are encouraged to use the Provost’s Uniform Budget Checklist to do so. Those requesting course-reassignment funding must secure approval for the reassignment(s) from the Dean and their department chair or program director.

Recipients should acknowledge the Center’s support in published work, public remarks, and publicity pertaining to the proposed research or creative activity.

Completed applications should be submitted electronically to

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