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Student Organizations

Drake Law School's student organizations offer many ways for students to get involved, connect with classmates, and develop leadership skills.

Contact any of the organizations listed below to find out how you can get involved.

Student Organizations

American Association for Justice (AAJ)
President: Austin Slobodzian (
Vice President: Sarah Moody (

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
President: Terumi Wayne (
Vice President: Jessa Marfal (

President: Jasmina Boever (

Black Law Student Association
President: Jasmine Carbin (
Vice President: Ezekiel Quattlebaum (

Christian Legal Society
President: Ezekiel Quattlebaum (
Vice President: Jon Muyskens (

Corporate Law Society
President: Kendra Sparby (
Vice President: Monica Pietig (

Criminal Law Society
President: Madalyn Hurn (
Vice President:  Matt Braun (

Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity
Dean: Clayton Elwell (
Vice Dean: Emily Murphy (
Visit the organization's Instagram.
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Drake Agricultural and Environmental Law Association
President: Claire Solsma (
Vice President: Cara Teigum & Ally Bedwell ( & (
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Drake Journal of Agricultural Law
Editor-in-Chief:  Lora Wright (
Visit the Journal's website.

Drake Law Democrats
President: Geoff Van Deusen (
Vice President: Kelsey Schott (

Drake Law Republicans
President: Kendal Zylstra (
Vice President: Joe Duggan (

Drake Law Review
Editor-in-Chief: Ami Penquite (
Visit the Law Review website.

Drake Law Women
President: Jasmina Boever (
Vice President: Hope Schlundt (
Visit the organization's website.

Federalist Society
President: Nick Nyblom (
Vice President: Kendal Zylstra (
Visit the organization's website.

Governor's Club
President: John Watson (

President: Madalyn Grask (
Vice President: Geoff Van Deusen (

Intellectual Property Law Society
President: Becca Coleman (
Vice President: Erin Stender (

International Law Society
President: Regan Hodina (
Vice President: Hope Schlundt (

La Alianza (Previously Hispanic Latino Law Student Association)
President: Teresa Otanez-Ortiz (
Vice President: JT Harris (

Lexus Rep
Natalie Klusman (
Avery Jenks (
Kaleb McKinnon (
Madisyn Dowdy (
Ihssan Boucherbil ( 

Moot Court Board
President: Danielle Havel (
Vice President: Grant Gasner (

Older Wiser Law Students (OWLS)
President: Kelsey Schott (
Vice President: Geoff Van Deusen (

OUTLaws (LGBTQIA+ Student Org)
President: Max Adams (
Vice President: Adi Peppels (

Public Interest Law Association
President: Catherine Dukelow (
Vice President: Dani Havel (
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Student Bar Association
President: Chantry Noel (
Vice President: Kaitlin Fipps (
Visit the organization's Instagram.
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Youth Law Society
President: Delaney Kelly (
Vice President: Mariah McCarthy (

Drake Law School administration and faculty do not monitor or control content on student organization websites and disclaim any liability for such websites.

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