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Student Organizations

Drake Law School's student organizations offer many ways for students to get involved, connect with classmates, and develop leadership skills.

Contact any of the organizations listed below to find out how you can get involved.

Student Organizations

Black Law Student Association
President: Kaleb McKinnon (
Vice President: Taylor Thomas (

Christian Legal Society
President: Tate Walker (
Vice President: Emily Russell (

Corporate Law Society
President: Michael Comito (
Vice President: Kaleb McKinnon (

Criminal Law Society
President: Carlos Lopez (
Vice President:  Phillip Jose (

Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity
Dean: Paul Siciliano (
Vice Dean: Clay Elwell (
Visit the organization's Instagram.
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Drake Agricultural and Environmental Law Association
President: Kole Pederson (
Vice President: Lora Wright (
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Drake Journal of Agricultural Law
Editor-in-Chief:  Madeline Pritchett (
Visit the Journal's website.

Drake Law Democrats
President: Natalie Sherman (
Vice President: Geoff Van Deusen (

Drake Law Libertarians
President: Ryan Pell (
Vice President: Kole Pederson (

Drake Law Republicans
President: Jacob Schrader (
Vice President: Nick Sailer (

Drake Law Review
Editor-in-Chief: Caleb Piersma (
Visit the Law Review website.

Drake Law Women
President: Christine Baber (
Vice President: Brandy Bonecher (
Visit the organization's website.

Federalist Society
President: Emily Russell (
Vice President: Shane Salwasser (
Visit the organization's website.

Health Law Society 
President: Diana Vazquez-Ayala (
Vice President: Alexa Blair (

President: Madalyn Grask (
Vice President: Geoff Van Deusen (

Intellectual Property Law Society
President: Jacob Blackford (
Vice President: Becca Coleman (

International Law Society
President: Adam Lange (
Vice President: Regan Hodina (

La Alianza (Previously Hispanic Latino Law Student Association)
President: Marcos Danielson (
Vice President: Phillip Jose (

Moot Court Board
President: Elizabeth Boyer (
Vice President: Leah Dodd (

National Lawyers Guild
President: Jack Schuler (
Vice President: Emma Terrell (

Older Wiser Law Students (OWLS)
President: Dawnelle Schlagel (
Vice President: Jillian Brown (

OUTLaws (LGBTQIA+ Student Org)
President: Kaleb McKinnon (
Vice President: TBD

Public Interest Law Association
President: Emma Terrell (
Vice President: Catherine Dukelow (
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Student Bar Association
President: Katlyn Downs (
Vice President: Keegan Cassady (
Visit the organization's Instagram.
Visit the organization's Facebook page.

Drake Law School administration and faculty do not monitor or control content on student organization websites and disclaim any liability for such websites.

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