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2007 Data Book Table of Contents



Drake University 2007-2008

Drake University at a Glance 2007-08I-1
Fall 2007 Drake University Data SummaryI-2
Drake University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 2007-08I-3
Fall 2007 New Student SummaryI-4
Fall 2007 Enrollment: Academic Unit, Full- or Part-time, genderI-5
Fall 2007 Enrollment by College, Class and Full- or Part-Time StatusI-6
Fiscal 2003-2007 Business and Finance DataI-7


New Student Data

New Students by Unit-EFR and Transfer, Fall 2003-07II-1
First-Year Student Profiles, Fall 2003-2007II-2
 Applications-Admits-Enroll by unit-EFR and Transfer, Fall 2003-2007II-3


Enrollment Comparisons-Multi-year

Enrollment by Level and Full- or Part-time Status-Fall 2000-2007III-1
Drake Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Students by unit- Fall 2003-2007III-2
Fall Enrollment by Academic Unit, level (G, U), and status (full, part-time) 2003-07III-3&4
Fall Enrollment status by class, gender, and status- 2004-2007III-5
Fall Semester Enrollments by Class and Status (ft, pt)-2003-2007III-6&7
Student/Faculty Ratios, 2003-2007III-8&9
Student Diversity Summary, 2004-2007III-10
Fall 2007 Student Ethnicity ProfileIII-11
Fall 2007 Student Gender ProfileIII-13&14
Fall 2007 Student Age ProfileIII-15&16



Majors with Largest Enrollments-Fall 2004-2007IV-1
Arts and Sciences Declared Majors-Fall 2007IV-2
Business and Public Administration Declared Majors-Fall 2007IV-3
Education Declared Majors-Fall 2007IV-5&6
Journalism & Mass Comm. Declared Majors Declared Majors-Fall 2007IV-3
Law School Enrollment Summary-Fall 2007IV-4
Pharmacy & Health Sciences Declared Majors-Fall 2007IV-4


Graduation and Retention Rates

Graduation Rates for Entering First-Year Students-HistoricalV-1
First-Year Retention Rates: Fall 1993 to 1994 through Fall 06 to 07V-2
Completions by Major: 1995-1996 to 2006-07V-3-8
Majors with Largest number of Graduates: 2001-02 to 2006-07V-9
Historical Campus Retention Rates by college, class, genderV-10


Faculty Profiles

Fall 2007 - Drake University Faculty Profile by College/SchoolVI-1
Fall 2007 - Drake University Faculty Profile by College/School w/ LibraryVI-2
Fall 2007 - Drake University Faculty Profile by RankVI-3
Fall 2007 - Drake University Faculty-Percent Tenured by Unit 2003-2007VI-4
Faculty Diversity Summary 2003-2007VI-5
Fall 2007 - Drake University Faculty Profile by GenderVI-6
Fall 2007 - Drake University Faculty Profile by EthnicityVI-7
Fall 2007 - Drake University Faculty Profile by AgeVI-8
Full-time Faculty Turnover – 2002-03 - 2007-08VI-9
Full-time Faculty Degree StatusVI-10
Full-time Faculty by Rank and Tenure, 1999-2000 to 2007-2008VI-11
Fall 2007 - Full-time Staff by Position TypeVI-12


Peer Group Comparison Data

Drake Peer Groups – 2007-08VII-1
Peer Group Comparison: 2007-08 Salary and CompensationVII-2
Peer Group Comparison:  2006-07 Percent TenuredVII-3
US News and World Report Summaries –Fall 2007
   Drake Peer Group Retention and Graduation RatesVII-4
   Drake Peer Group- Student Faculty RatioVII-5
   Drake Peer Group- Percent Full-Time FacultyVII-5
   Drake Peer Group Class Size Data 2006-07VII-6
   Drake Peer Group Peer Assessment ScoresVII-7
Tuition and Fees – 2007-08 Academic YearVII-8


University Calendar 
University News