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Pre-Pharmacy Admission

Students who are admitted to pre-pharmacy directly from high school receive full benefits from the Drake Direct PharmD.  To apply for pre-pharmacy, you must complete an application for admission.  The priority deadline for pre-pharmacy applications is December 1st.  In order to be considered for pre-pharmacy, you must list pre-pharmacy as your primary major on the application along with a secondary major in case you are not admitted to the program.  Competitive applicants take a rigorous and challenging curriculum throughout high school and demonstrate leadership and involvement both inside and outside the classroom. 

Transfer students are welcome to apply for admission to pre-pharmacy, space permitting.  The Office of Admission transfer staff can advise students on space availability.  In order to be considered for transfer admission into pre-pharmacy, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must meet the requirements for entrance into the professional pharmacy program at the time of admission into pre-pharmacy, with the exception of the prerequisites.
  • Students must enter the pre-pharmacy program no later than the first day of class of the fall semester in which they will be applying to the professional program.
  • Students must complete at least 14 credits of their math/science prerequisites for the professional program at Drake.

Although meeting these criteria does not guarantee admission into pre-pharmacy, students who successfully transfer into pre-pharmacy will be given the benefits of the Drake PharmD Connection for Transfer Students (2019)  Students who transfer into pre-pharmacy are required to take the PCAT as part of their application to the professional program. 

Transferring into pre-pharmacy at Drake does not guarantee admission into the professional pharmacy program.  Students who are not admitted into the professional program are advised on other degree options and career pathways within the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and at Drake.