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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions about our service area. If you do not find your answer, please contact us.

What does my Drake Card allow me to do?

Your Drake Card serves as identification on Drake’s campus and allows you to utilize many services on campus. In addition to increased safety, the Drake Card provides access to buildings on campus, to the library and recreation center, and to ride the Des Moines bus system (DART). 

Your will also use your card to utilize the Drake dining plan and additional campus commerce with your Bulldog Bucks, funds for purchasing food at participating on and off campus dining locations, bookstore purchases and printing on campus printers.

What should I do if I lose my Drake Card?

If you lose your Drake Card, contact the Student Services Center(x2000) during open office hours or Drake Department of Public Safety(x2222) after hours. Your card can be deactivated and a new card issued. You can also deactivate the card yourself in the eAccounts portal.  Replacement cards are $25 and issued at the Student Services Center.  

Temporary cards can be issued by either Public Safety or the SSC, if needed, and can be used for a short period of time until your card is found or a new card can be purchased.  

If you FIND a Drake card, please turn it in to the Student Services Center.

Can I punch a hole in my Drake Card to facilitate use?

No. The technology in the card does not allow for alteration, and a hole will prevent the card from working correctly.  This would be considered a "damaged card" and a $25 replacement fee would be charged to print a new one.

What are Bulldog Bucks?

Bulldog Bucks are a form of payment used on Drake’s campus.  Funds can be used to purchase food at any Drake dining facility, including the concession stand the C-Store. They can also be used for Drake's electronic laundry system and to print on Drake’s printers.

Funds can also be used at participating off campus neighborhood businesses.  Please note that only Bulldog Bucks (not Flex Dollars) can be used off campus.  

Bulldog Bucks can either be added online through the Drake eAccounts system, or in the Student Services Center.  Bulldog Bucks are not cleared at the end of each semester - they will carry forward as long as you are actively using the account at Drake.  Balances are cleared after a full year of inactivity.

What's the difference between Bulldog Bucks and Flex Dollars?

Flex dollars are funds attached to your student meal plan. You cannot add additional flex dollars to your account, and this money is cleared at the end of each academic year.

Bulldog Bucks are additional funds that can be added to at any time. Like flex dollars, they can be applied to food purchases at any of Drake’s dining facilities, but they can also be used at participating off campus locations, for bookstore purchases, and printing costs on campus.  

What is Drake eAccounts, and what does it do for me?

Drake eAccounts provides a way for students to view current Drake balances (Bulldog Bucks, Flex Dollars, Printing), meal plan counts, and monthly statements.  You are also able to mark your Drake Card as “lost”, save payment methods, and allow guests to deposit into your Bulldog Bucks account!

Students can log into the main portal (available via the eAccounts link or in myDrake).  Students can also use the mobile application with their Drake ID number and password to check balances and make deposits.  Mobile deposits can only be processed with the use of a saved payment method from the main portal. 

Guests can only add funds through the main Drake eAccounts link, but no log in information is needed.  Simply enter the required student information to easily add funds to your student's account. 

For additional information about eAccounts, feel free to contact us.

Why can’t the Student Services Center give my parents information on my accounts for me?

Bulldog Bucks accounts are covered by the Family Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), meaning the University can only release account information to parents that have been added as authorized users. If your parent or guardian needs balance or spending information, they need to contact you.

How can I purchase a Drake parking permit?

Parking permits can be purchased online. You’ll need your license plate and vehicle information to fill out and sign the parking form.

If I have a problem with my Drake Card, door access, Bulldog Bucks, or parking, who do I contact?

Contact or visit the Student Services Center if you have any issues with your Drake Card or the other student services. If the Student Services Center isn’t open, contact the Public Safety office.

Can I ride on the DART bus system with my Drake Card?

Yes, all Drake Cards will allow you to ride the DART bus system.  Stickers are no longer required on the back of the Drake Card, DART buses will allow entranced based on the card design.

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