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Welcome to the Department of Theatre Arts at Drake University.

The mission of the Department of Theatre Arts is to ensure students have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success as theatre artists and working professionals. To that end, the curriculum fosters understanding and appreciation for all aspects of theatre utilizing collaborative and experiential learning methods. Students apply knowledge and demonstrate skills acquired in the classroom in the creation of theatrical productions throughout the academic year.

This mission isn’t simply a statement, it’s a philosophy and a guiding principle of the way we teach the art and craft of theatre at Drake.

The Department offers Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in:

In addition, the Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre as well as academic Minors in TheatreMusical Theatre , Design Technology, and Directing.

Here, though, you will discover we take a holistic approach to your education. Students take classes not just in their area of specialization, but in all aspects of theatre as well as the broader Drake Curriculum.

Theatrical productions serve as an extension of the classroom where students learn by the act of creating theatre, often working side-by-side with faculty designers and directors, each experienced educators and working professionals.

The goal is to combine the best aspects of focused conservatory training, with the best that a traditional liberal arts education has to offer.

  • The result is a graduate who is more than just a performer, or a designer, or a director.
  • The result is a graduate with a genuine appreciation for the art and the tools and training to make their own contribution to it.
  • The result is a graduate truly prepared for the challenges of either working in the professional world, or pursuing additional training in a Masters program.

If this sounds like the kind of education and training you’re looking for, we encourage you to explore our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

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