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Directing Minor

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*NEW* Beginning Fall 2019 

The Minor in Directing degree is only available to students in conjunction with either the BA or a BFA degree from the Department of Theatre Arts.

Please note: if Directing II is not offered, students may substitute an additional course in English or one of the other disciplines listed above. Students may also substitute an additional Project in Theatre related specifically to directing or dramaturgy.

No other work may be substituted for the Directing I requirement. This includes any courses completed at other colleges or universities as well as NTI. THEA 103 must be completed on campus at Drake.

Unless specified above, any other substitutions or other alterations to these requirements can only be made with prior approval from your theatre advisor.

Current Catalog listing with minor requirements

Checksheet for Directing Minor (upd. Fall 2023)

Course options to fufill the required courses outside of the Theatre Department include:

MUS010 Jazz History
MUS021 Recitals
MUS073 Music Since 1900
MUS080 Music in Western Culture
MUS082 World Music for Non-Majors
MUS091 Performing Arts Management

ART019 Microcosm, Macrocosm
ART050 Idea of Design
ART074 Intro to Art
ART075 Themes in Art History

HIST001 or 002
HIST015 Selected Intro Topics
HIST 021 and 022
HIST 060, 067, 075, 076, 078, 099, 


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