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Recital Policies

The following are the current policies regarding the timeline and formatting guidelines for the creation and submission of recital programs with printing by the Music Office.

Setting the Date

  • The performer should consult with the Fine Arts Coordinator to tentatively reserve a date, time, and location for the recital. The facilities are heavily scheduled by both the Music and Theatre Departments as well as outside groups and individuals. Early scheduling is recommended. It is important to communicate with the studio teacher, accompanist and other performers involved.
  • Students complete the Recital Request Form  and email directly to the applied studio instructor.
  • Students turn the signed recital request form in to the Fine Arts Coordinator in FAC273A to reserve the date/time/location. Without a faculty signature, the date will not be officially reserved.
  • Students who wish to have a reception associated with their recital should contact Sodexo Campus ServicesAll food and beverage brought onto campus MUST be arranged through Sodexo. Please note that recitals are scheduled at 12:00 p.m., 2:30p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on weekends and 7:30 p.m. on weekdays. The performance venue of choice and lobby area are reserved for 60 minutes prior to the recital and 30 minutes following the recital, and assumes a 90 minute recital (which means you have a total of three hours for your recital and reception). Please make sure the hours are specifically communicated when you place your catering order.
  • Sophomore music majors will be allowed to perform on-campus recitals in FAC 204, Monroe Recital Hall or at at off-campus venue. These recitals will not receive departmental support for advertisement, programs, logistics, or recording. Music 21 credit will not be available for students attending recitals.

Please Note: The appropriate faculty sponsor must make all requests for student recitals. It is the responsibility of individual faculty members to insure that the proposed date, time, and location have first been cleared and tentatively reserved by the Fine Arts Coordinator; however, the Coordinator will await approval from the Recital Committee before finalizing the request (in other words, the Fine Arts Coordinator cannot add anything to the departmental calendar).

The Recital Committee will evaluate each request and its implications for the entire department and calendar, and will then assemble the calendar for the next academic year. It is this approved calendar that will be published by the department, the Friends of Drake Arts, and be distributed to the media.

Events that have been approved and published cannot be altered, rescheduled or deleted, without the approval of the Recital Committee. Only under extreme circumstances will the committee approve an alteration (these do not include lack of preparation, accompanist conflicts, etc.).

Rehearsals and Approval

  • Performers may wish to schedule a dress rehearsal, or additional rehearsals in the performance venue. To schedule rehearsals students should consult the studio teacher and the Fine Arts Coordinator in FAC 273A (271-2018). A maximum of two hours is allowed for rehearsal in the recital venue, this includes lesson times.
  • Students who schedule a public recital are required to present a pre-recital hearing at least three weeks in advance of the recital date. Three music faculty members (including the student’s applied teacher) must attend the pre-recital hearing. In consultation with your studio teacher you must schedule a hearing date and faculty. If the location will be other than a studio, the student must secure a location with the Fine Arts Coordinator in FAC 273A (271-2018). Programs, stage crew and recording support are only offered for on-campus recitals. The piano of choice will remain the Steinway in Sheslow and the Baldwin in Performing Arts Hall. If another piano is requested, it must be submitted at the time of the recital request and must be approved by the recital committee.
  • Students complete the Recital Hearing Form , print and bring to the time of the hearing. One copy of the Hearing form with three faculty signatures must be turned in to the Fine Arts Coordinator. The student must have a completed program at the time of the hearing.


  • Students complete a program outline with the proper Music Department Style Guidelines found in the Style Guide for Vocal Recital Programs and Style Guide for Instrumental Recital Programs .
  • Students email the completed outline of their program to the applied studio instructor at least one week prior to the recital hearing for editing.
  • 10 business days prior to the recital date: The performer submits the completed Program Form (which means the template has already been approved by the performer’s studio professor) to the Recital Program Assistant.
  • 7 business days prior to the recital: The Recital Program Assistant will send you PDF of your Music Program for your review.  A hard copy will also be available in the Drake Music Office if you wish to review it in print.
  • The performer has TWO business days to review his/her program and make final changes. The performer may take the program to their studio professor again, should they choose to do so. If the performer does not email the Recital Program Assistant, it is assumed no changes are needed and the programs will be printed the following day.
  • The Music Administrator has the right to decline program materials that are submitted past the stated deadlines.
  • Printed programs are delivered to the location prior the performance by the Music Administrator. The Fine Arts Coordinator secures the recording of the recital and additional crew.

Recital Checklist

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