Lifetime of Value

Lifetime of Value

Gain meaningful experiences that set you apart and position you for success.

Your Drake experience, from classroom learning and extracurriculars to internships and network-building, prepares you not only for a great career, but for a great life. Yes, you’ll graduate with the skills, connections, and confidence to attain goals ahead of peers from other institutions. But it’s about more than that. Your years at Drake provide you with an unshakeable foundation, a wellspring of inner strength and know-how that propels you further and gives you the insight to navigate life’s biggest challenges. This is an education that truly lasts a lifetime.

What makes it possible

  • Drake’s status as the only highly ranked private university in Iowa’s vibrant and bustling capital city means opportunities for internships and other learning experiences are plentiful.
  • Professors whose key focus is on teaching and mentorship makes for an academically rich, collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment for learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Drake’s reputation for excellence ensures that students are in high demand for prime internships, employment, and collaborations.
  • The undeniable sense of pride and community that bonds the Bulldog family from the time a student launches their education throughout the rest of their lives.

Career benefits

  • Prime opportunities: As a “big fish in a medium-sized pond,” you’ll have access to experiences that aren’t as accessible at larger schools.
  • Extraordinary post-graduate success: you’ll graduate sooner (90.6% of students who begin at and graduate from Drake do so in four years or less), find success more quickly (98.8% find employment or enter grad school within six months) and earn more (based on Drake alumni median earnings 10 years after enrollment) than peers from other Iowa institutions.


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