Drake Admission Partnership Program

Drake Admission Partnership Program

Making Your Transition Seamless

Transferring colleges can be overwhelming. Drake University is partnering with Iowa community colleges to make the transfer process as simple as possible. Signing up as a member of the Drake Admission Partnership Program (DAPP) allows students to receive support from Drake staff in order to transfer seamlessly and be successful at Drake.

Who: For prospective transfer students who plan to attend an Iowa community college at least a year before transferring to Drake University to complete their bachelor’s degree.  Many students will earn their Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree before transferring in order to take advantage of the articulation agreement meeting Drake’s general education courses. Earning an A.A. or A.S. before admission and transferring is not required.

Why: To strategically take courses that will meaningfully contribute to your Drake degree.

As a DAPP student, you will receive:

*Admission to Drake is contingent on meeting articulation agreement requirements and all general education requirements. Some additional admission requirements may be provided, and some programs may be restricted. Please work with your advisor to determine your situation.

Apply Now

For admission questions if you are a student at DMACC, please contact rachelle.setsodi@drake.edu

For admission questions if you are a student at any Iowa community college (excluding DMACC), please contact jen.hinton@drake.edu

For advising questions, please contact whitney.harris@drake.edu