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Law Enforcement Training

Drake University Continuing Education and Professional Development has been offering training to Iowa law enforcement agencies for the past five years. Below is a list of the current learning opportunities being offered to the law enforcement community. 

Implicit Bias Training

Our two-hour implicit bias workshop is specially designed for law enforcement personnel. It guides officers in tuning into the elements of their own culture, after which they will be exposed to their own implicit bias and guided down a path of recognizing the implications of those biases and developing an action plan to mitigate the implicit biases that we all have. Please contact Chuck Sengstock if you are interested in more information or would like us to present this training to your agency.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

You may click on the links below to register for one of the events. These events are free of charge. Contact for more information about the below implicit bias training opportunities for Iowa Law Enforcement Agencies.

September 29: Boone - DMACC Campus

October 27th: Newton - DMACC Campus

November 17th: West DSM - DMACC Campus

December 8th: Location to be Announced

Law Enforcement Agencies that have Received our Training

  • Cedar Falls Public Safety
  • Des Moines Police Department
  • Urbandale Police Department
  • West Des Moines Police Department
  • Windsor Heights Police Department

Drake University receives the 2020 Impact Award from the United States Distance Learning Association

Drake University was honored to receive the 2020 Impact Award from the United States Distance Learning Association for its work with the Des Moines Regional Police Academy. This award is a recognition of an ongoing relationship between the Des Moines Police Department and Drake University over the last four years.

Every new cadet that enters the Des Moines Regional Police Academy must take Drake University's blended Cultural Awareness training. This training provides an opportunity to extend the cadets' knowledge of various cultures and impact their own implicit biases. By providing this forum for the cadets to explore their own cultures and understand who they are, they are more open to recognizing and willing to respect the cultures of those they serve. This results in safer and more effective interactions for all.

This course and our partnership with the Des Moines Police Department not only align with our mission, but it also makes Drake University visible and valuable to those that will be protecting it and keeping it safe for years to come. 

For additional information, please contact Chuck Sengstock, Director, Continuing Education and Professional Development, at 515-271-2184 or



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