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Adapted PE EDMA 174

Course Document Download Page

Thank you for registering for EDMA 174 Adapted Physical Education! To begin your coursework, you will need to download and save the following documents:

Important Information-Course Submittal Process
Please download this pdf document first. It contains important directions relevant to the completion and submission of this course.

EDMA 174-Adapted-PE-Study-GuideAug2022
This Microsoft Word document includes the course syllabus, readings (if applicable), links to the corresponding video segments, and other related documents. It will guide you through your coursework for EDMA 174, Adapted Physical Education. Download and save this file for reference. 

Answer Pages
This Microsoft Word document provides the format for your responses to the questions posed in the study guide. Download and save this file. As you work through the study guide you can word process your answers in this document. This is the file that you will submit for grading when you have completed the course.

Physical Education Program Checklist
This PDF is referenced in Module One. It is no longer available online. Please download it and use when prompted.