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Accessibility at the Sprout Garden

Sprout has three accessible entrances along the west side of the garden and Food Forest. These entrances, indicated by red dots on the map below, can be accessed through the parking lot (Drake Lot 25). 

The paths in the Sprout Garden are made of coarse gravel and feature some slopes, mostly in the Food Forest. There are picnic tables and adirondack chair seating areas throughout the garden. During the growing season, a shade sail will be installed to provide shade. 

Audio descriptions for signs in the garden can be accessed by tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone to the sign or at the following link:  

If you have any concerns or suggestions about the Sprout Garden’s accessibility, please contact us at! 



Alt text: The image shows a satellite map image of the Sprout Garden and Food Forest, along with the surrounding roads and parking lots. Red dots indicate three accessible entrances on the west side of the garden. These entrances can be accessed through Drake Lot 25. 

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