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BFA in Design and Technology

Portfolio for Admission & Scholarship Consideration

Your portfolio should be a collection of work that contains evidence of artistic achievement and creativity. Items may include drawings, paintings, slides, photos, renderings, light plots, prompt scripts and play programs highlighting your production involvement, or perhaps your graphic design work. Please also include a copy of your theatre resume.

Items for the portfolio might include:

  • Photographs of anything the student has worked on in any production aspect of theatre (sets, lights, props, costumes, special effects). The majority of photographs should show specific work done by the student, but a generic production shot can be included for things like sound design or stage management to give the faculty an idea of the scope and budget of the production.
  • Artwork (drawings, paintings, craft projects, models, etc.) done by the student. These can be theatre-related or can be artwork done as a hobby, or from a fine arts class, for example. Any kind of artwork is acceptable.
  • Draftings (hand draftings and/or CAD draftings are encouraged if you have learned those skills). Production paperwork created by the student (stage managers, sound and lighting technicians, etc. may want to show plots, prompt scripts, cue sheets, reports, etc. that the student has generated and used). Items that show your process and your organizational abilities are very helpful.
  • Samples of sound work recorded onto a CD, if sound is your primary interest.
  • Samples of sewing projects if you have any and if your primary interest is in costume construction.
  • A small prop that you may have constructed or designed.
  • Computer graphics or animation on a CD that is able to play on a laptop computer.
  • Anything else you think shows a specific skill that you feel is important for the faculty to know about.


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