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Design & Technology Minor

Photo of students working in the Drake Theatre Scenic studio

There is NO audition or portfolio requirement for admission into this minor.

Students do not need to be Theatre Majors to complete this minor, although it is encouraged. 

For students seeking a degree in another area who wish to minor in Design & Technology for Theatre, the following courses are required by the department:

 THEA 005 Readings in Theatre OR THEA 076 Introduction to Theatre 3 hrs.

 3 courses specialized in Technical Theatre of 3 hrs. each. (IE: Drafting for the Theatre, Sound Design, Scenic Design, etc.)

 THEA 030 Stagecraft (including lab) 4 hrs.

 THEA 031 Costuming (including lab) 4 hrs.

 THEA 063 Introduction to Design 3 hrs.

 THEA 124 Technical Theatre Practicum 1 1 hr.

 THEA 124 Technical Theatre Practicum 2 1 hr.

 THEA 124 Technical Theatre Practicum 3 1 hr.

                                                                  Total: 26 hrs.

Design Technology Minor Checklist (upd. Fall 2023)

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