Tuition Guarantee

One price means clarity, certainty, and savings. The full-time tuition price when you walk in the door as a Bulldog in Fall will be the same as when you stride across the graduation stage, bachelor's degree in hand, ready to take on the world.

2024–2025 Tuition Guarantee

First-year and transfer students: $51,444

Room, Board, Course Materials, and Fees

Room (double occupancy): $6,794
Board (base plan): $5,658
*Course Ready Program: $510
Holistic wellness fee: $300
Student activity fee: $216
New student fee: $170

Total: $65,092

*The new Course Ready Program will cover all required course materials for the academic year. This includes items such as physical books, digital materials, online access codes, lab supplies, art supplies, calculator, etc. Learn more about the Course Ready Program here.

As part of the University’s innovative new plan for tuition pricing, tuition guarantee helps students and families better prepare for college expenses over the course of their education.

With the Tuition Guarantee, you will receive an exceptional Drake education at a fixed tuition cost that will not change during your four years at Drake.

What does this mean to you?

Clarity: Your tuition cost is locked

You will receive an exceptional Drake education at a fixed tuition cost that will not change during your four years at Drake. When you plan for educational expenses, you’ll know exactly what tuition will cost throughout your undergraduate experience.

Certainty: No surprises

Locking in your tuition cost means no surprises. You will know exactly what your tuition will be each year, because that number will not increase.

Savings: Exceptional education at an outstanding value

Drake’s Tuition Guarantee will save you money on the total cost of your education. How much? Average tuition & fees at peer institutions are 17.5% higher than four years ago (average annual increase of 4.1%). Also, with the Guarantee, your renewable scholarships and grants will retain their value year over year rather than diminishing as tuition rises. At Drake, 100% percent of undergraduates receive scholarships from the University, and the average gift aid (scholarships and grants) is $26,992.

Questions? Review the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Office of Admission or Office of Student Financial Aid. 

Learn more about Comprehensive Drake University Summary of Tuition and Fees or Drake University Cost of Attendance Budgets.

Note: The Tuition Guarantee is available to undergraduate first-year/transfer students entering in Fall 2024, as well as undergraduate transfer students entering in Spring 2025. The Guarantee does not apply to part-time students or those in graduate/professional programs, but is available to pre-pharmacy students as first-years and sophomores. Please note that the cost of room and board is not fixed and may fluctuate. For the purpose of I-20 issuance, international students will need to prove enough funding to cover the initial-year costs of tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, personal expenses, and health insurance.