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Presidential Transfer Award

Presidential Transfer Awards are renewable based on consecutive full-time undergraduate enrollment.  Students who are enrolling part time or with previous bachelor's degrees are not eligible. No separate scholarship application is required, but students must first submit an application for admission.

Members of  Phi Theta Kappa are eligible for Drake's PTK Scholarship.

**Beginning Fall 2020/Spring 2021, the Presidential Transfer Scholarship and Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship cannot be combined.

Awards are based on a variety of criteria depending on the type of scholarship and are not based on financial need.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SCHOLARSHIPS ARE RENEWABLE (UP TO 4 YEARS TOTAL OR UNTIL A BACHELOR’S DEGREE IS EARNED) IF REQUIRED ACADEMIC STANDING AND GRADE POINT AVERAGE ARE MAINTAINED. For students entering one of Drake’s joint undergraduate/graduate degree paths, refer to the table below to see how undergraduate awards (including Fine Arts Scholarships) are impacted.



Scholarship Availability

Law 3 + 3

Undergraduate awards available for 3 years or until first year of Law Program (L1).

Doctor of Pharmacy

Undergraduate awards available for 4 years or through the 2nd year of the Pharmacy Program (P2).

Masters in Athletic Training

Undergraduate awards available for 3 years or until the first year of the Athletic Training Program (AT1). There is a one-time, $5000 scholarship for AT1.


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