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Wrestling Coaching 401 - EDEX 279

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Wrestling Coaching 401 - EDEX 279

This course will not be offered after the Summer 2014 term.  Click here for details.

Course Overview

3 Semester Hours of Graduate Credit

In Wrestling Coaching 401, students will acquire the knowledge necessary to become a progressive and successful coach. This course will explore the fundamental principles of wrestling as well as areas including Set-ups, Counter Offense, Pinning, and Mental Preparation in order to help the student examine a comprehensive philosophy on championship wrestling. The final project is to create a Wrestling Coach’s Handbook that will serve as your own reference, providing a window into your program.

This course will be broken down into several components of study/analysis:

1. Text readings from Coaching Wrestling Successfully by Dan Gable
2. Various video supplements
3. Personal reflection on your own coaching philosophy and style

Gable, Dan. Coaching Wrestling Successfully. Human Kinetics, 1999.

DVD Videos:
Scot Davis - Program Intangibles
Nick Mitchell - Start to Finish: Building a Championship Program
Terry Brands - Learning the Fundamentals: Basic Skills & Drills
Eric Guerrero - Fundamental Motor Skills for Wrestling
Tom Brands - Dominant Hand Fighting Skills
John Smith - Set-Ups & Tie-Ups: Being Effective from Your Feet
Jeff Swenson - 20 Set-ups for Single Leg Attacks
Terry Brands - Penetration and Finishes
John Smith - Scrambling: Scoring from a Bad Position
Nick Mitchell - Short Offense: Scoring from the Headlock Position
Rob Hermann - High Percentage Upper Body Techniques
John Smith - Defense from the Feet
Greg Strobel - High Percentage Counter Offense
Tom Ryan - Position Drills for Takedowns
J Robinson - The Philosophy of Riding
Mark Manning - Top Position: Skills to Dominate
John Smith - Breakdowns: Stopping the First Move
Ian Assael - Stand ups, Knee Slides & Critical Bottom Skills and Techniques
Mark Branch - No Fear: Attacking from the Bottom Position
J Robinson - The Philosophy of Pinning
Dan Gable - Pinning from the Top Position
Bruce Baumgartner - Blueprint for Heavyweight Techniques
Greg Strobel Proper - Weight Management
Scot Davis - Strength and Conditioning for Champions
Chris Stankovich - Wrestling Your Best
Dan Gable - Coaching Mental Toughness on the Mat
Greg Strobel - Practice to Peak

Course Objectives:
• Identify basic skills needed to build a foundation of championship wrestling
• Recognize benefits of various techniques to situational wrestling
• Apply drills and techniques in all positions effectively
• Recognize need for sound weight management and nutritional program
• Develop and defend a coaching philosophy
• Design a program for training and competition

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