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Special Events, Conferences, and Courses

Drake University Continuing Education & Professional Development offers a number of special events, conferences, and face-to-face/blended courses every semester. To register, please click on the titles found below.

Cultural Awareness for Law Enforcement Professionals Online
Cultural Awareness for Law Enforcement initiates the process of seeing past stereotypes by raising each student’s awareness of the culture in which they live and work. Once students are tuned into the elements of their own culture, they will be exposed to their own implicit bias and guided down a path of exploring and implementing the best strategies for connecting with those from other cultures. 
Fall Dates: August 24 - December 13, 2020
Developed by:
Drake University 
Graduate Credit: 
3 semester hours, $625.00 (not including the cost of the textbook)


Power of Play: Learning, Communicating, and Engaging Learners
The purpose of this one-credit online course with synchronous (virtual) meetings is to explore the importance of play in learning.  At first glance, play looks only like play, but we want to unravel the big picture together to find the underlying learning taking place.  Participants will acquire tools on how to observe play while learning techniques to interact and respond to play.  Attendees will understand concurrently about the rationale behind the importance of play in child development, how students use play as part of their social-emotional language and how to effectively observe messages in play.  This course will be offered for both relicensure credit and graduate credit.
Summer dates: July 13 - August 9, 2020
Developed by: Drake University 
Graduate Credit -1 semester hour, $170
Iowa License Renewal Credit - 1 semester hour, $90.00
Location: Drake University Online


Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom:  A Clinician’s Perspective 
This one-credit hour face-to-face course will explore key components and stages of social-emotional learning (SEL), related brain anatomy and function, and factors that may impact SEL development.  Participants will learn about a host of factors that may impact a child’s social-emotional affect across the school day along with techniques and strategies that will assist teachers, counselors, and administrators in understanding SEL motivators. This course is taught by two ChildServe clinicians who have had the opportunity to work with children one-on-one and want to help educators understand children’s individual SEL needs.  This course is offered for both graduate and license renewal credit. 
Summer Dates: Thank you for your interest in Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom: A Clinician’s Perspective.  At this time, we are working with the instructors to reschedule this course for the fall semester of 2020.  Drake University continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation.  Please check back for specific dates. Graduate Credit -1 semester hour, $170
Iowa License Renewal Credit - 1 semester hour, $90.00 
Location: Childserve, Johnston, Iowa

Drake University Summer Music Institute

*We are unable to offer the Summer Music Institute for 2020. Please check back next year!


*It is YOUR responsibility to check in advance to make sure you can use the credit in the manner you wish.

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