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Special Events, Conferences, and Courses

Drake University Continuing Education & Professional Development offers a number of unique special events, conferences, and face-to-face, blended, and online courses every semester. To register, please click on the titles found below.

2021 ITAG Conference: The State of Gifted This course fulfills requirements for the programming or psychology strand for the Iowa TAG endorsement with an emphasis on challenging the gifted learner through application of theory, research, and practical experiences as a result of attendance, observation, and/or interaction with conference keynote speakers and other break out session presenters. Experts in the field of gifted education, as well as experienced GT educators from across the state, will present on successful practices, significant issues, and theoretical guidelines related to serving varied needs of gifted and talented students. Topics may include creativity, curriculum for G/T learners, gifted essentials, social/emotional issues, and special populations.

The State of Iowa has mandated: 'The holder of this [TAG] endorsement is authorized to serve as a teacher or a coordinator of programs of the gifted and talented from the pre-kindergarten level through grade twelve. This authorization does not permit general classroom teaching at any level except that level or area for which the holder is eligible or holds the specific endorsement. Completion of 12 graduate semester hours of coursework in the area of the gifted and talented, to include the following:

  1. Psychology of the gifted
  2. Programming for the gifted
  3. Administration and supervision of gifted programs
  4. Practicum experience in gifted programs

Spring dates: February 9/10, 2020 
Developed by: Drake University 
Graduate Credit - 2 semester hours, $340.00

Power of Play: Learning, Communicating, and Engaging Learners The purpose of this one-credit online course with synchronous (virtual) meetings is to explore the importance of play in learning.  At first glance, play looks only like play, but we want to unravel the big picture together to find the underlying learning taking place.  Participants will acquire tools on how to observe play while learning techniques to interact and respond to play.  Attendees will understand concurrently about the rationale behind the importance of play in child development, how students use play as part of their social-emotional language and how to effectively observe messages in play.  This course will be offered for both relicensure credit and graduate credit. 

Spring dates: February 1 - February 28, 2021
Developed by: Drake University 
Graduate Credit -1 semester hour, $210.00
Iowa License Renewal Credit - 1 semester hour, $100.00
Location: Drake University Online


*It is YOUR responsibility to check in advance to make sure you can use the credit in the manner you wish.

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