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Enhancing Instruction: Teaching in the Quality Classroom (EDEX 161)

3 Semester Hours of Graduate Credit

Course Overview

In this course, you will visit classrooms around the country that are putting Dr. William Glasser's quality school ideas into action. These ideas take form and become a bright, detailed picture of education at its best: happy, productive students; satisfied, enthusiastic teachers; and actively supportive parents who are thrilled with their children's success.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Guide student behavior without coercion.
  • Manage a classroom to promote quality work.
  • Help your students become better listeners.
  • Avoid student frustration and discipline problems.
  • Teach students problem-solving skills that lead to academic achievement.

"Teaching in the Quality Classroom" is about more than just getting students to stay in their seats and complete assignments. It is about how you can raise your students' achievements to a new level in which “good enough is not good enough” and quality work is a workable daily goal.

This course is available in VHS or DVD format.


This course is offered through Quality Educational Programs, Inc. Dr. William Glasser is well known for his many books on mental health and education including Every Student Can Succeed. Dr. Glasser is the founder and president of the William Glasser Institute, an organization formed to educate the public about choice theory and its applications.