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Brain-Based Ways We Think and Learn (EDEX 150)

3 Semester Hours of Graduate Credit


How does the brain learn? This course focuses on the brain's four critical thinking and problem solving processes: induction, deduction, analysis, and synthesis. Taught in a brain-compatible environment, this course gives you practice with specific techniques and strategies.

Learn how the brain processes information.

  • Explore how the brain takes in, stores, and retrieves information.
  • Identify and practice the four thinking processes of induction, deduction, analysis, and synthesis.
  • Practice techniques and strategies to assist students with metacognition (thinking about how they think).

Enrich your lessons with brain-based teaching and learning strategies.

  • Design comprehensive, brain-compatible lessons.
  • Develop meaningful content.
  • Discover the link between current brain research and effective teaching practices.
  • Integrate critical thinking into real-life situations. 

Create a brain-compatible learning environment.

  • Experience the impact of music, color, interaction, participation, and choice.
  • Use the storyboard process to understand how thoughts are processed in the brain.


This course is offered through Performance Learning Systems. PLS instructors are experienced classroom teachers and possess excellent facilitation skills.




$440.00 (plus $35 materials fee)